Mechanical Engineering and Design | Blue Wolf



At Blue Wolf our engineers work with clients and develop an action plan to develop your product or machine. We can manage the project design and have all the resources to develop and prototype your product for testing and approval. After the design is finalized we will deliver a completed manufacturing documentation package. Additionally, we can provide a quotation for our continued manufacturing production services.

Mechanical Design services include:

  • Assist with product specifications and improvements.

  • Full mechanical and electrical integration.

  • 3D Model Drawings

  • Selecting best materials and processes.

  • Solid Part Modeling using Solidworks CAD software.

  • Create Assemblies for project reviews and marketing media

  • Generate drawing packages to ANSI standards including revision control, GD&T, material callouts, and required finishing

  • Complete Assembly drawings with Bill of Materials (BOM’s) and assembly instructions.

  • Develop/Modify tooling and fixtures

  • Designs with CNC Machining in mind for production runs.

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